V8 Supercar Billet Pedal Pads


V8 Supercar Billet Pedal Pads


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Billet Pedal Pads


The SimworX V3 Series V8 Supercar Billet Pedal Pads, are available as a direct replacement for the standard billet V3.0 Series Simworx pedal pads.


When ordering a new V3 Series Pedal set, these V8 Supercar Billet Pedal Pads can be ordered and fitted to those V3 Pedals from the drop down menu. The Stainless Accelerator Foot Support comes standard with the V8 Supercar Billet Pedal Pads. SimworX provides new Stainless Steel bolts with this kit. 


Manufactured for us specifically by our friends at HRS, these superb Billet 3D CNC machined pedal pads are a Motorsport style component, based on V8 supercar pedals, not only in looks, but also in quality control and feel. They are 3D CNC machined at the front, sides and back for lightness and functionality. With feedback from some of the best Supercar drivers in Australia, this product not only compliments the awesome SimworX V3 series Pedals, but also captures the true feel of what a V8 Supercar driver would feel under their feet.


Super light, yet super rigid, and machined in such a way that the pedal faces add additional grip on the brake and clutch pedals and also the heel tab on the accelerator Pedal.. The wider brake pedal face complements the Accelerator Pedal with its specially contoured heel tab, something which will be appreciated by drivers that wish to heel and toe with more confidence. 


The Larger Brake Pad is also great for those drivers who want to left foot brake! The SimworX extended length accelerator pedal face, which has an ultra smooth finish for precise smooth accelerator modulation, features the heel tab extension and the side mounted foot support for precise non slip heeling and toe-ing. 


This product is made in Australia from 6061 grade billet aluminium, lightly bead-blasted and then anodised.