Pro GT V3.2 Simulator Pedal Set


Pro GT V3.2 Simulator Pedal Set



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Our Best Sim Racing Pedals

Developed by drivers for drivers, exquisite engineering, style, and functionality merge with our flagship V3.2 professional simulator pedals. 

A No Compromises Approach in Product Design and Execution

The crew at SIMWORX set out to create the industry standard and absolute best sim racing pedals possible. We are finally proud to release our latest flagship, sim racing pedals – The PRO GT V3.2 Simulator Pedals.

These V3.2 Series pedals were originally designed for use by race teams we supply, running cars in the GT3 and Supercar categories for driver practice and training. Their treatment can be quite brutal, and we had to come up with a solution that was relatively sophisticated in its operation and robust enough to withstand the extreme loads whilst still allowing it to be sensitive enough for muscle memory training. Special emphasis was placed on the brake pedal’s ability to modulate trail braking which is critical in these cars and not so easy to attain in simulator pedals.

After nearly three years of development with design, materials, electronics, and software and testing by drivers over that time, we have now got to the production point successfully and due to initial positive feedback, we have fitted them now to all of our Pro Spec SX02Msport Racing Simulators and placed them into production for sale to those that have the need for a bullet-proof professional level set of simulator pedals utilising the very best components and engineering standards.


Production Development

The original prototypes came in at 13.5kgs in weight which we considered to be a bit too heavy, for motion racing simulator use especially, so we utilised that motorsport go-to material, Carbon Fibre, and redesigned the Pedal Carrier sides and Pedal pads to incorporate that fabulous material in order to pare off some weight without compromising its strength and durability. The production version came down to 12kgs, no lightweight, but the inherent weight is in all the right areas.


The Simwor Pro GT V3.2 CARBON LC Pedals are suitable for high-end professional motorsport use. A robust Pedal design using Billet Alloys and Carbon Fibre with a dedicated USB electronic interface for instant and accurate response. Maximum brake force is 140kgs+ via load cell activated technology. To achieve our true goal and establish ourselves as producers of the absolute best in sim racing pedals it was critical to ensure a fully adjustable pedal geometry and pedal force with adjustable hydraulic damping on the brake cylinder guarantees correct pedal feel. CNC machined 6061 Billet Aluminium components throughout with sealed precision ball bearings on all pivot points ensures tolerances have been optimized in order to eliminate unnecessary play.  This Professional level pedal set can be used in the most demanding environments and is capable of simulating the pedal forces as experienced in a GT3 or V8 Supercar.

Fully Adjustable to your style

The unique brake pedal geometry allows the brake pedal assembly to be adjustable in six ways, In-Out-Up-Down-Left-Right. The brake preload and stroke are also adjustable. The Brake Module assembly can be moved Left and Right relative to the clutch and throttle pedals on the billet alloy base.

The clutch pedal is adjustable up and down and has a realistic over centre clutch pressure plate release feel. The pressure is also adjustable. The accelerator pedal travel is also adjustable for stroke length and push strength. All these adjustments are supported by a heel riser that has an adjustable heel rest for precise foot control when under extreme racing pressure.

Supporting Firmware:

The V3.2 Simulator Pedals comes with a dedicated configuration tool – V3.2 SimControl, built in to our electronic firmware, allowing you to set up your pedals intuitively. A key feature of is the ability to set custom signal output maps per pedal. Working together with our all-new Simworx electronic interface, V3.2 SimControl allows for mapping of non-linear pedal output curves, pedal deadzones and brake pedal force. There is the ability to save an unlimited amount of profiles.

With the V3.2 Simulator Pedals being able to cope with very high brake loads, a sturdy mount to your simulator rig is an absolute must. For that reason we supply a billet CNC Machined Base Plate to mount the pedal modules on to.
The V3.2 Baseplate allows flexible and rock-solid positioning of the individual pedals.

Minimising Operating Noise.

All the V3.2  Pedals have noise dampening built into their front and rear stops to reduce user noise. This is specially designed to minimise noise in domestic situations. The front stops on all pedals have dampening as long as there is load on them. If the stop is wound in too far, i.e., not in contact with the base, the dampening effect will not work.

If the pedal angle is not to your liking, there are adjustable mounting brackets that can be adjusted to your desired foot placement. The adjustable pedal stops can then fine-tune the pedal to your final optimum position.


This baseplate helps to create a solid platform to mount the V3.2 Pedals to on your simulator platform. The brake of the V3.2 Pedals is able to cope with up to 140kg of force, the standard mounting plates of non Simworx rigs may show excessive flex under these loads.

You also receive mounting hardware for the pedals. The pedal plate mounting points for the pedals are slots, these slots allowing lateral adjustment of individual pedals. The slots are recessed underneath the base to house the mounting nuts which fit flush to the underside of the base. They can slide easily, allowing easy adjustment even when the base is hard-mounted to a flat surface.

The dimensions of these lateral slots are 110mm for the brake and 80mm for the throttle and clutch. The Mounting Slots on each side of the pedal base allows for easy fitment to any rig including alloy extrusion rigs and allows adjustability forward or back so you can attain perfect pedal positioning.
The Simworx V3.2 Pedals Baseplate fits directly onto earlier SIMWORX SX02Msport Chassis systems. All of these developments have resulted in what we beleive is undeniably the absolute best sim racing pedals available, anywhere.


  • Independent Pedal Carrier Modules in 6061 Aluminium and Carbon Fibre
  • Billet CNC Machined Alloy Base
  • Hydraulically Loaded Brake
  • Load Cell Brake
  • Sealed Ball Bearings throughout on all pivots
  • Adjustable Brake Preload
  • Adjustable Accelerator Pedal Stroke
  • Adjustable Accelerator Pedal Push Pressure
  • Adjustable Clutch Pressure
  • Billet CNC Anodised Pedal Pads with Carbon Fibre Inserts
  • Adjustable Pedal Pads
  • Fully adjustable Brake Pedal Pad
  • 140kg maximum Brake pressure
  • Dampening on Pedal Stops
  • Adjustable Heel Rest with Heel Stop
  • Dedicated Bespoke Simworx Electronics Interface
  • Dedicated V3.2 SimControl Configuration Software
  • All CNC Components finished in brilliant anodised finish
  • USB Plug & Play

WATCH – Unboxing the V3.2 Pedals