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Simworx started life in 2002, when the CEO, Jack Klaver, made a decision at that time, when there really wasn’t that much around with regards to a professional fully integrated simulator, that there really needed to be an fully engineered solution for quality simracing cockpits.

Basically, products that incorporate the absolute best of what was available to complement his forays in his various motorsport categories. This includes motion systems, race seats, 180 degree triple screen vision, Digital audio and custom made professional level driving controls that replicate as best you can what drivers in race cars experience. And if you’re going to have it in race team, home and corporate environments, it needs to reflect the individual or organisation, with contemporary design concepts, automotive quality custom colour paint schemes, graphics etc. In short ‘it had to be the best and it had to look it, with no compromises. Designed and built in Melbourne, Australia, the hugely successful SX02 series simulator was born at that time and continual developments have made it in to the world class state of the art simulator that it is today.

Simworx now build these as turn key units to customer’s specifications so every simulator is unique to It’s owner. These days that line between virtual and real world racing is thinner than most would have thought possible. We use our own race car experience with our own race cars to develop our bespoke controls and there are a lot of race drivers and teams using their simulators for training and assist us with feedback to ensure that our products are up to date and relevant to contemporary motorsport. They help to also drive our products forward. A simulator is only as good as the sum total of all of its parts working seamlessly together so we design and test every component until we are satisfied it is as good as we can get it. Every single component is designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Development is always ongoing.

We are determined to remain the market leader in Australasia, continual developments include Full size F1 cars, GT Car Simulators, F1 Motion Cockpits,  and the world class SX02 Msport Simulators with the latest V2 and V3 Motion systems and state of the art Pro Series Controls.

We have every Australian circuit on the software as well as every major world circuit. We have to thank the Mod development guys from ORSM, RSM, FVRfactor and Adrenalin Factor for all of their excellent work in developing Australian circuits and cars for owners to enjoy. Our simulators are built with Motorsport and Drivers in mind and as such our racing simulator controls, software and add-ons reflect that.. They are also used extensively both for promotional work and race driver training.

 Since 2004 the products have only improved in quality as owners have provided feedback from thousands of hours of in field racing experience. What is presented to you in our simulator range is the result of more than 18 years of feedback, refinement and dedicated development. Simworx operates out of its manufacturing facility in Australia. Facility address is 29 Hightech Place, Lilydale, Victoria 3140 Australia.

We love what we do, in our minds this is the most awesome and challenging industry to be involved in. We work with a lot of creative and talented individuals involved in every aspect of motorsport and we can’t thank them enough for their assistance and enthusiasm.

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