Risk Free Training in a PC based Simulator


  • Pre-Screen Trainees for Operator aptitude
  • Prepare Trainees for real world seat time
  • Upgrade Skills to meet higher standards
  • Promote the Trade to aid recruitment

Training heavy equipment operators is challenging, and costly. Challenging, because you’re teaching skills that requires constant co-ordination, and that takes lots of training and practice under careful supervision in a real world machine.

Teach Real-world Operating Skills

Costly, because all that training and practice is expensive with wear-and-tear on real world equipment, not to mention instructor costs. Now think of the risks to people and equipment when you’ve got trainees at the controls of your equipment!

All of these diverse skill sets can be learnt safely and environmentally friendly without the risks involved in a real machine by using a quality simulator that replicates all the controls typically found in real world equipment.

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Simworx simulator-based training is:

  • completely safe
  • always available 24/7
  • monitored, since it’s easy to keep track of results
  • accelerated, because our instruction design presents simulated tasks that are progressively more difficult, in
  • order to break up the learning into small “steps” which build upon each other

The Simworx simulator puts you at the controls of a modern hydraulic excavator at work in a typical construction site.
Both SAE and CAT joystick patterns are available. You can change your view point during the simulation to change the operator’s point of view.

Our Simulator Cab units features a variety of different primary displays, from a large single screen LED panel or a large three screen primary display. The big screen displays for “life size” graphics, and quality sound systems for the audio feedback puts you in the cab. There are simulator options to suit almost every budget.

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