Formula Cockpits

SX05F1-E Professional Spec Racing Simulator

SX05F1-E Professional Spec Racing Simulator

The SX05F1-E Formula One simulator cockpits are an elegant, professional high quality product designed and built in our facility in Melbourne. The F1 style driver’s seat is especially shaped and moulded to allow larger sized bodies to get in and out without too much effort. The cockpit simulator, moulded initially from an actual F1 cockpit, has been widened a little, so you don’t have to be a jockey to experience the thrill of racing in an F1 car. The SX05MF1-E is an extended version of the original SX05 F1 cockpit which allows us to incorporate a high fidelity motion system if required.


Our quality high fidelity motion system immerses you even further into the race. Whether you are plunging through Eau Rouge at Spa or on track at Monaco, your head and body feels every corner, every jump, every brake and accelerator application and you literally hang out there through really quick sweeping corners. For those wanting the most extreme motorsport experience this is the as good as it gets.

Specifically designed to keep everything compact, the motion drive system and chassis fits neatly within the racing simulator cockpit and is therefore also suitable for use in your home, garage, showroom, race centre, etc. It allows us to introduce a very low floor line so there are no steps or platforms required to enter and exit the cockpit. The drive system incorporates industrial quality components and electronics. Interfacing with all of that and the software, is our dedicated motorsport electronic interface module, specifically set up for this purpose. As good as it gets for a turn key F1 motion cockpit in this price range. Plug and Play has never been easier and more dynamic.


SX05F1-E Cockpits

  • Quality FBGLs & Carbon Fibre Composite Construction
  • Highest Quality 2 pack Felspar Paint finish
  • Integrated Dolby Sound System
  • Servo Drive Force Feedback Steering System
  • Professional Level F1 Steering Wheel
  • Carbon Fibre Moulded F1 Race Seat
  • Electronic Pedal Adjustment
  • Hydraulic Load Cell Pedal system
  • SABELT Formula One style 5 point Race Belts
  • Xtreme Gaming PC
  • F1 style Keyboard stand
  • F1 formatted software – all circuits
  • Stainless Steel & Anodised Alloy Fittings
  • High Resolution Motion Systems available:
    dedicated design for SX05F1-E Cockpits
  • Designed & Built in house by Simworx AU
Pricing – turn key systems

SX05 F1/E  – COCKPIT – Pro Spec

1 x 49″ curved ultrawidescreen $68,200.00
1 x 50″ UHD LED widescreen $67,800.00
3 x 50″ 4K LED Screens $74,200.00

SX05F1/E Motion Cockpit – Pro Spec

Full Motion system integrated:
Pricing: turn key systems:
1 x with VR – Oculus Rift AU$98,600.00
1 x 49″ Ultrawide curved AU$99,200.00
3 x 50″ 4K Wide screens AU$105,600.00


Front Wing & Nosecone
All prices are in AUD$