Supercar Sequential Shifter

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Supercar Sequential Shifter

Supercar Sequential Shifter

Give your simulation experience a massive reality check with our latest Pro Series Sequential Shifter.

This is a high quality reproduction of the Supercar Sequential Gear Shifter. This product is engineered to the highest engineering standards as typically found in contemporary motorsport. 

This SIMWORX Sequential Shifter is a design unique to Australian based Supercar Series. Our shifters and pedals are used by teams competing in the Supercar Series.


The fabulous SIMWORX Supercar Shifter features CNC machined Aluminium Billet components and has a separate gearbox connected via a push rod, as per the real thing. The gear box can also be remotely mounted using a longer push rod. The throw and tension is adjustable.  This outstanding shifter is Plug and play for PC – iRacing, AMS, Assetto Corsa, R Factor2, rF1 and Project Cars. Each product is pre-tested prior to shipping to ensure your investment is ready to go once you receive it.  


There is an optional reverse lever that can be ordered at time of purchase that can be assigned within the software titles that support it.  The Lever is a stand alone digital input, working independently of the Shifter inputs. Check the games you are using to see if it supports a reverse input in the assignments. It can also be used as an alternative input such as a Linelocker in iRacing or similar. The games that support a reverse lever input in the control assignments to the best of our knowledge, rFactor1, rFactor2, Automobilista 1 & 2.. Assetto Corsa and iRacing do not currently support a reverse lever input in their control input assignments.


A review of our shifter by Sim Racing Garage in the US –

Our thanks to Barry Rowland for taking the time to do this review..