Frequently Asked Questions
Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide

After a Windows update my Triple Screen Display has gone out of sync. What can I do?

Go to Downloads Page on this website and print off how to configure Nvidia 3D Surround.     

I have an SX02 Simulator and my sound and /or Bass Shaker doesn’t work

Check that the Mute button on the keyboard hasn’t accidentally been activated
Make sure the volume is turned up, both on the keyboard volume control and the amplifier knobs

My SX02 Simulator Bass Shaker doesn’t work

Check to make sure volume on the Bass Shaker Amplifier is turned on at least half way and Bass knob is on fully

My keyboard doesn’t work

Make sure the on switch is on at the back of the keyboard.
Replace batteries – 2 x AA batteries

My SX02 Simulator motion system has stopped working

Do a full power off shutdown and make sure the kill switch is released to ON, as in the UP position prior to turning the system back on.