The SX02Msport is the ultimate Hi tech Simulator.

Created with functionality and stunning looks combined, the classic SX02Msport Series Simulator is equally at home in your games room, man cave, garage, race team or corporate setting. Every Simulator is custom made, not off the shelf, a rare commodity in today’s world.

Finished in high quality contemporary finishes, since 2004 when it first broke cover, the design and finish has no equal, it is totally unique. Every component of the beautiful chassis has been looked at and designed, then re-designed over the ensuing years, staying true to its initial design origins, to ensure that it stays relevant to the demands of contemporary controls and technologies.
Available in 2 versions, the SX02Msport Clubman and the SX02Msport Pro.

Proudly manufactured and set up by the SIMWORX crew in Australia.

It has to be the best and look it

No one wants to look at a simulator that resembles a piece of industrial hardware, so that is why we take the time and trouble to design something that will always look stunning in any environment. Customized colour schemes, various graphics choices, a range of High Definition LED monitors and a selection of quality controls from our Pro Series range ensures that every SX02 simulator is unique to its owner. Designed and developed over 20 years the unique SX02 Chassis is a fully integrated design with all cabling ducted internally within the sim racing chassis, no cables for kids to trip over or the dog to chew on.

SX02 Simulators come fitted with our standard graphics and are included in the pricing, custom graphics can be arranged and priced per order- please email us for your specific requirements.

Getting your head in the game has never been easier.

SIMWORX Integrated Sound System

The latest spec Aluminium SX02Msport Predator Chassis is constructed utilising motorsport techniques, whereby the central core is manufactured in a monocoque design for strength and durability. On our motion simulators it is an integral component in the overall design so the construction eliminates any flexing or twisting.  Inherent within the design is our integrated sound system that features a unique internal audio port design that gives you unbelievable vibration and sound feedback, all of which is adjustable from the dedicated Simworx Amplifier mounted near your seat. Within the alloy monocoque style chassis are various audio compartments and baffles that connect from the built in sub woofer chamber.

This long throw LANZAR MaxPro sub woofer works hard under your seat and transmits vibration even to your feet. It vents via diagonal slots laser cut out of the rear sail panel. On your seat is mounted a SimworX Bass shaker and there are two quality Acoustic Audio mid range speakers mounted in front of you to complement the sound emanating from the cars you are racing. These outstanding audio drivers will immerse you totally in the game, enhancing every effect.

LED Primary Displays

We complement the whole awesome package with 3 x 32″ UHD LED monitors or optional 3 x 32″ Curved LED UHD monitors mounted on a multi axis adjustable mounting system, allowing you to set up your surround displays exactly the way you like them for maximum visual effect.

Large Screen formats are available as an option, our 50” triple screen primary displays on a stand alone mounting system gives the driver a fully immersive 1 to 1 scale view. Pricing is shown below.


All of our simulators are activated with the latest software platforms from iRacing, Assetto Corsa and rFactor2 that gives you the most comprehensive range of cars and circuits available anywhere.  Years of development working with these outstanding racing titles gives us the edge when it comes to car and circuit selections and set up. All this is installed, set up and tested prior to delivery.


High Performance Technologies

Individually designed and built in our manufacturing facility, the SimworX SX02 Motorsport simulator utilises the latest technologies making it the extreme car racing simulator experience. With all the features of the award winning SX02 chassis, fitted out with the addition of CPP-Lite Hydraulic Pedals or for the Pro Spec version our latest  high end Pro GT V3.2 Load Cell Pedals, a high performance Gaming PC purpose built for the job at hand, quality steering systems with high end direct drive servo steering motor, Motec style data dash, Shift Lights, Pro Series Supercar Billet Sequential Shifter, SimworX Bass Shaker, Motorsport inspired alloy fittings with braided stainless hose, data collecting software for Pro Spec sims, choice of seats and a massive range of cars and circuits across multiple licensed Software Installs.

For professionals

The SX02Msport Pro Spec Simulator

This is the preferred setup of all our customers who race professionally.                                        For drivers we supply our fully optioned SX02Msport Pro Spec System. We can incorporate Telemetry technologies from MoTeC, VBox, and Z1 for critical race car analysis. Sold as turn key systems, they are customised and built for each driver’s requirements, a high tech plug and play solution.                                                                            Designed, developed & built by Simworx, as good as it gets in high quality turn key systems. 

For Commercial applications of our simulators contact us.


Examples of Custom Builds – Mercedes AMG GT3


SX02Msport Clubman:
Best turn key systems on the market in its category
  • SX02 Predator Chassis System
  • Gaming PC
  • iRacing & Assetto Corsa Software installed & tested
  • Simagic Aplha 15Nm Direct Drive Servo Steering System
  • Simagic D Shape Alcantra Steering Wheel
  • CPP3 Hydraulic Racing Pedal Set
  • Triple 32″ UHD LED Screens
  • Autotechnica Monza Race Seat
  • Motec style digital data dash
  • LED shift lights integrated within data dash
  • SimworX Pro Series Supercar Billet Sequential Shifter
  • Integrated 2.1 Dolby Sound
  • SimworX Bass Shaker fitted
  • Dedicated Audio Amplifier fitted integral with the chassis
  • Dedicated Bass Shaker Amplifier integrated in chassis
  • Lanzar MaxPro Long Throw Sub Woofer fitted under seat
  • Quality Acoustic Audio mid range speakers
  • Simworx Graphics applied
  • Keyboard Stand
  • Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard
  • High Quality Paint & Powdercoat Finishes
Price: SX02Msport Clubman – AU$21,900.00 + GST

SimworX – Factory delivered – free to Melbourne metro
Shipping Ex Factory – Australia – Worldwide

Upgrades for SX02Msport Clubman
  • 32″LED UHD Curved Monitors                     add  AU$690.00 + GST
  • 50″ Triple Screens – Stand Alone              add  AU$3,800.00 + GST
  • SIMWORX V3.2 Pro Spec Pedals              add  AU$1,450.00  + GST
  • Telemetry Screen and Software                add  AU$750.00 + GST
  • AMG GT3 Style Button Box                              add  AU$600.00 + GST
  • Pro Series ARB Lever Set                                   add  AU$500.00 + GST
  • OMP or Sparco FIA Race Seat                      add  AU$808.00 + GST
  • Custom Graphics – contact us                    POA


SX02Msport Pro – Turn Key Systems
High end level – Pro Spec – the Choice of Champions
  • SX02 Predator Chassis System
  • Purpose Built SimworX PRO Gaming PC – Integrated Into Chassis
  • Software – iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Rfactor2 installed and tested
  • Triple 32” LED Curved Monitors
  • OMP GT3 HTE-R FIA Race Seat
  • Dedicated 32” Telemetry Screen (4th Screen)
  • SIMWORX Pro Spec Complete Steering System
  • SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Sport DD Servo Steering Motor
  • Motec style digital data dash
  • LED shift lights integrated within data dash
  • Telemetry Software for logging laps
  • SimworX Professional Series GT V3.2 Racing Pedals
  • SimworX Pro Series Supercar Billet Sequential Shifter
  • Integrated 2.1 Dolby Sound
  • Dedicated Audio Amplifier fitted integral with the chassis
  • Dedicated Bass Shaker Amplifier integrated in chassis
  • Choice of:  Pro Series Sim Racing Handbrake – ARB Lever Set – Button Box
  • Quality Acoustic Audio Speakers
  • Lanzar MaxPro SubWoofer fitted integral to Chassis
  • Quality Contemporary Powdercoat and Paint Finishes
  • Simworx graphics kit
  • Custom Manufactured in house                                                                       
  • Pro Spec Inclusions:
  • SimuCube2 Direct Drive Servo Motor
  • SimworX Supercar Pro Series Steering Wheel
  • SimworX USB Data Transfer Slip Ring Module
  • Pro Sport Billet Magnetic Paddle Shifters
  • OMP Kubic, Porsche GT3 or Superquaddro Suede Steering Wheel
Price: SX02Msport Pro Spec- AU$29,800.00 + GST

SimworX – Factory delivered – free to Melbourne metro
Shipping Ex Factory – Australia – Worldwide

Upgrades for SX02Msport Pro Spec
  • Externally Mounted Triple 50″ LED Screens –   add $3,800.00
  • RACELOGIC Timer with VBox Sim supplied & Installed- $POA
  • MoTec Data Logging – $POA
  • Custom Graphics – please call or email                 $POA

Dimensions – Simulator Overall:

Length – 1900mm   Width – 1700mm (triple screen)    Height – 1350mm