May 02,  2024

After nearly 3 years of development, we will be releasing the latest version of our Professional level Racing Pedals, the PRO V3.2. in late February 2024. Originally developed for the robust demands posed by Audi, Mercedes AMG and Porsche GT3 Drivers, this epic product will be offered for general sale in late February 2024 for those that want a bullet proof, professional level set of competition pedals that professionals and non professional alike can use. It is a total re-design of our original concept and features Billet Alloys throughout, Carbon Fibre, precision Ball Bearings on all pedal and rocker cams etc.

Over that hardware development phase we have also been busy designing, developing and testing our own electronic interface and supporting firmware, that makes the normally exacting task of setting them up in to an intuitive frustration free exercise.

 Keep an eye out on social media and our website for updates.