The Evolution of Simulator Racing Games

May 02,  2024

Since the beginning of the video games industry, racing games that attempt to simulate reality have existed in one form or another. As you might expect, early classics like Pole Position offered only rudimentary elements of realism. However, this beloved game helped pioneer many staple features today, including AI opponents and a third-person driving perspective.

A few years later in 1989, Indianapolis 500: The Simulation – widely regarded as the first true sim racing game – entered the market with features like driving physics, real-time telemetry and proper racing lines. Another milestone in sim racing came in 1998 with the release of Papyrus’ Grand Prix Legends, which was based on 1967 F1 season. It was hailed as outstanding in all areas, especially in its physics and sound design. For many players, their first real experience of sim racing was through GPL or one of its many derivatives, such as NASCAR Racing 2003. While these racing games might seem basic compared to today’s iRacing, rFactor and Assetto Corsa, it’s hard to predict where we’d be without them.

The Growing Popularity of Esports

The world of professional competitive gaming has already existed for over 20 years. But it’s reached new heights in recent years. with games like League of Legends, Dota II and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attracting huge global fanbases and millions in prize money.

The simulator racing community isn’t far behind, with many of Australia’s leading competitions such as V8 Supercars and TCR Australia launching their own sim racing tournaments using iRacing and Assetto Corsa.

Even if you have the talent to get into motor racing, the cost of doing so – especially at the professional level – is simply too expensive for most to handle. However, the remarkable accessibility of sim racing esports means putting your skills to the test against the world’s best is more affordable than ever. Considering you won’t have to pay tens of thousands to rebuild your vehicle every time you slam into a wall, sim racing is the preferred way forward for many motorsport enthusiasts.

With the pandemic keeping countless sports fanatics indoors, many turned their attention to competitive gaming. With games like iRacing, rF2, AC and AMS and Gran Turismo experiencing massive growth, this has led to simulator racing technology becoming incredibly sought-after.

Experience the Simworx Difference

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