Can Beginners Use Race Simulators

May 02,  2024

Getting yourself on the track and practicing your racing skills is not only complicated but also costly for amateurs and beginners. On one hand you want to try out racing and see if the activity is worth investing in, on the other hand you feel trapped because you feel compelled spending more time and money at a race circuit in order to continue practicing and improving your skills.

Not to mention all the consumables, preparation, time off work, getting to and from, taking a crew, risk of mechanical breakdowns and heaven forbid any off track excursions on top the actual racing costs to enter a race meeting.

If you are feeling overwhelmed even before getting into racing as a hobby, not to worry. These are all feelings any driver knows too well and the good news is, there are ways around some of these costs. 

How Beginners Can Benefit From Race Simulators

For anyone who is interested in race track activities with a view to going professional, or are just starting out and treating racing as a hobby, consider starting on a decent racing simulator instead. While it seems counter intuitive, there are many benefits to using a race simulator that makes it a no-brainer decision.

Learn The Basics Easily

When you are starting out, you need to learn about the basics before you can progress to more advanced race track activities. Race simulators do just this. You have everything you need to feel like you are on a track and any mistakes you make on it will have no real consequences. It makes learning good habits right from the start easier, as opposed to feeling pressured to learn quickly and perform on a race track because of time or cost constrains.

Practice Techniques

Novices do not experience motion cues as part of their training in a static simulator. This may sound like a disadvantage, but experienced drivers have noted that this handicap in race simulators actually trains drivers to develop stronger senses, like vision and hand-eye co-ordination for racing. When back on the circuit, they are able to better perform due to a stronger visual sense which complements their overall driving skills.

Motion for those serious in pursuing ultimate realism, is an integral part of our simulator range, high quality, high fidelity motion systems integrated in to the V2Msport and V3 Msport Professional Level Motion simulators gives an even greater immersive experience.

Lower Overall Costs

Race simulators also allow drivers log more seat time easily without incurring huge costs. Whether it is just doing laps, or practicing for an upcoming race with a specific circuit, you will be able to work on and expand your skills using a professional level simulator. Compared to real world racing costs, it does not cost much to get started.

Race Simulators are Used by Professionals

Race simulators should not be seen a replacement for race tracks. It is a misconception to think of race simulators as an alternative to track racing, but quality race simulators complement real world race track practice.

Learning circuits, exploring braking, turn in points and apexes are some of the benefits that can be utilised by practicing over and over again. There are advantages to using it for practice over practicing on a real track, cost and convenience being just two factors to consider, it is a good investment for professional drivers. Explore our range of race simulators or get in touch and let us help find one that fits your racing needs today.